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DJ For Weddings In Miami

by Admin on February 21, 2014 , Comments Off on DJ For Weddings In Miami

Power Parties: Miami’s Premier Wedding DJ Service

Most couples spend months, sometimes even years, planning their wedding day. After all, it’s an important day that will be remembered forever.

Next to the wedding ceremony, the wedding reception is the biggest part of the big day. In fact, the reception accounts for nearly 75-percent of the day.

Apart from food and drink, the most important part of your wedding reception is the music. In Miami, wedding DJ services have become increasingly popular.


Miami Wedding DJ Service vs. Live Band

There are two main musical options for a wedding reception: a live band or a DJ. So which is better? It really all boils down to preference.

  • Live Band: Although having a live band provides a unique feel, they are usually quite expensive. Live bands have a bigger sound and a larger presence which can be nice, but also limited to what songs they can play and again it comes at a higher price.
  • DJ: DJs for weddings in Miami not only have a large presence during the reception, but also offer fun and excitement. We have a large assortment of songs from many different genre and years to keep people dancing through the night. We also take requests (Bride and Groom Approval) and will play special songs for the bride and groom. But the best thing about a Power Parties wedding disk jockey in Miami is the price, as it’s much lower than a live band.

Although both options work well for a wedding reception, a Power Parties DJ fits better into tight budgets.

Wedding DJ Prices in Miami

The price for a wedding DJ depends on a number of factors: budget, location, equipment, schedule, and time-frame. Power Parties offers three main packages for wedding DJ services:

  • Package 1: Includes four hours of continuous music. The DJ will play the music of choice, along with requests. You will also have access to the online planning system, which allows you to choose specific songs or themes.
  • Package 2: Includes four continuous hours of music, disco lighting, and access to an award winning power mixer. You also receive unlimited requests and consultations with the DJ, along with access to the online planning system.
  • Package 3: Includes four hours of continuous music, disco lighting, and access to a power mixer. It also comes complete with unlimited requests, consultations, and access to the online planning system. As an added bonus, this package comes with a master of ceremony to conduct the big day.

Each of these packages vary in price. To learn more about Wedding DJ prices in Miami, please contact Power Parties today.

Power-Parties-Dj-Wedding-Quince-Miami_Whether you’re working with a planner or taking the DIY approach, it’s important to remember that music is the most important aspect of the big day. At Power Parties, we pride ourselves on offering the latest and greatest in music and technologies. To learn more about Miami wedding DJ service or to hire a mobile wedding DJ in Miami for a wedding reception, contact Power Parties today.

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