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Power Parties Miami Photo Booth

by Admin on July 14, 2014 , Comments Off on Power Parties Miami Photo Booth

We here at Power Parties have seen our share of Photo Booths at every event we go to and got tired of seeing ugly, Low quality, Poorly made black curtain boxes, Box on a tripod in a corner and did something about it for our clients. Our clients wanted better and we delivered!!! Beautiful all White designed open or closed illuminated (can glow to your event color) and a real canon dslr camera to take high resolution images. We have also added a social media kiosk which allows you to upload (outside of the booth) to Facebook, Twitter, Email and a Digital Guestbook. Here are just a couple samples of custom design and quality. Power-Parties-Miami-photo-booth-elissa-quince-paris-jw-marriot-photobooth-booths20140712_ (2)Power-Parties-Miami-photo-booth-elissa-quince-paris-jw-marriot-photobooth-booths20140712_ (57)

Power-Parties-Miami-photo-booth-elissa-quince-paris-jw-marriot-photobooth-booths20140712_ (65)Power-Parties-Miami-photo-booth-elissa-quince-paris-jw-marriot-photobooth-booths20140712_ (67)Power-Parties-Miami-photo-booth-elissa-quince-paris-jw-marriot-photobooth-booths20140712_ (71)

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