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Epic Hotel Wedding

by Admin on September 1, 2017 , Comments Off on Epic Hotel Wedding

The first time i met Terri & Benny they came to my office to discuss their upcoming Wedding at The Epic Hotel in Miami and see create a package for the production of the wedding. Right off the bat i felt a immediate connection and felt the love they had for each other and also the love for music and how they realized how important music and lighting was for their special night. They never booked as they were meeting with other companies that were recommended to them and i encouraged them to see them and a few weeks later i got a call from Benny that he wanted to come into our office to meet again as he made his choice on hiring Power Parties. The second meeting we got more into the wedding planning process and ideas for Up Lighting, Pin spots for the centerpieces, Monograms and Music. Benny fell in love with our Touch Screen DJ System (Emulator) so we had to wow everyone with that but Terri had a little surprise up her sleeve and wanted to surprise Benny with his favorite old school radio DJ DJ Laz and a totally custom Led DJ Booth we did for Laz’s Performance and the secret was kept under wraps for a while but he eventually found out lol and the rest was history! We also had our Hora Loca dancers come in for a special Studio 54 all Disco Music Hora Loca, What a amazing night we had turning all of their dreams into a reality. Thank you Terri & Benny for trusting in me, love ya both and wish you many many years of happiness and joy!

Enjoy the pictures that will last forever along with our memories.

A big special Thanks to Martha from UDS Photography for sharing her amazing pictures with us for this blog.  www.udsphoto.com 

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