Quinceañera Traditions


Quinceañera Traditions

Latina womanhood begins with a party to end all parties!

In every little girl’s upbringing, there is a special moment to which she looks forward with excitement and pride. It could be a bat mitzvah for a young Jewish lady, a communion for a Catholic girl or she could be making her society debut. When a Latin girl reaches her fifteenth birthday, she celebrates her Quinceañera and here in Miami they do it big, and her entire family treats her like a princess for her special day.

The only rite of passage that comes close to Quince traditions is a wedding, with all the plush and glamour, and the party atmosphere that follows the somewhat more subdued religious atmosphere which is why we here at Power Parties say a Quince is a Wedding without the Groom Lol. There is a significant dress, just as with a wedding, and can be just as expensive and unique as a wedding gown and at many Quinces multiple Dresses will be worn. Quince Stages are almost a sure thing with specific Stage Theme chosen by the family. Flowers and decorations are selected to match the color scheme of the festivities, a reception is held at which guests will be served a grand meal and there will be much dancing and merriment for all in attendance. As in all magical events, a DJ is hired for the evening and the atmosphere is energetic and fun and one of the most important factors of your party as a DJ can make or break your party.

Sweet Traditions

One of the sweetest and most popular Quinceañera traditions is when the young lady gets to dance with her father in front of everyone. Usually a very special song will be chosen, often with Spanish lyrics, and many a father has found himself teary on the dance floor with his newly come-of-age daughter. Additionally, the guest of honor will wear flat shoes at first and will be presented with a pair of elegant, heeled shoes to signify her more grown-up status.

The young lady celebrating her Quinceañera will make a presentation of a porcelain doll to her younger sister, symbolizing the last of her toys, another representation of moving forward toward adulthood.


With much symbolism and significance, gifts are an important part of Quinceañera traditions.  She wears a tiara as a sign of leaving childhood behind and facing the challenges that lay ahead and she is also presented with either a bracelet or ring (or both) representing the unending circle of life.Even in the New Millennium, Hispanic girls take their Quinceañera traditions seriously. By the time a fifteenth birthday approaches, the plans are well under way and the community get into the spirit and have a wonderful time.