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Miami Touch Screen DJ for Quince, Lighting and Photo Booth

by Admin on June 24, 2015 , Comments Off on Miami Touch Screen DJ for Quince, Lighting and Photo Booth

This Beautiful Miami Quince took place at the Miami Dadeland Marriot which always is a pleasure working at along with Fantasy Designers, Miami Photo Booths and I Video Creations.

Power Parties DJs surprised our client with our beautiful state of the art Touch Screen DJ to wow all her guest in attendance as we played on a 4 ft piece of transparent glass and even wished her Happy Birthday on the screen as well. In conjunction with the Beautiful Miami Quince Stage, Our exclusive Custom made HD Screen and frame and Non stop partying on the dance floor the Miami Photo Booth was a hit all night as well with a custom step and repeat backdrop made just for the guest of honor.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and the Touch Screen DJ is available for your next Wedding, Quince, Corporate event or any type of event that you want the worlds first Touch Screen DJ in action and available with custom branding as well.

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